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Viessmann Combi Temperature Sensor: Premium Metal Analog Sensor for Enhanced Boiler Efficiency – Compatible with 100 WH1D 24-30, WB2B Series (200-W 35KW, 200 W System 45KW, 200-W Combi 26KW, 200-W Combi 30KW), FS2B 222-F 19KW

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Boiler & Radiator PartsElevate Your Boiler Performance with the Ultimate Combi Temperature Sensor by Viessmann

Your boiler is the heart of your home's heating system. Maintaining its efficiency is critical to ensuring your family’s comfort and minimizing energy bills. Introducing the Viessmann Combi Temperature Sensor, an indispensable component for flawless boiler operation. The Combi Temperature Sensor is engineered to the highest standards, making it a worthwhile investment for homeowners and professionals alike.

Exceptional Compatibility: Viessmann’s Temperature Sensor for Diverse Models

100 WH1D 24-30: A Perfect Match

Engineered to complement the 100 WH1D 24-30 model seamlessly, this sensor ensures the boiler operates within optimal temperature ranges. This guarantees efficient fuel consumption and consistent heat production, making your space comfortable and welcoming.

WB2B Series: Precision Meets Performance

The Viessmann Combi Temperature Sensor integrates effortlessly with the WB2B 200-W 35KW 7194477, WB2B 200 W System 45KW 7438087, WB2B 200-W Combi 26KW, and WB2B 200-W Combi 30KW. This compatibility assures precision and performance, securing your investment and adding to your peace of mind.

FS2B and WB1A: Tailored for Excellence

For the FS2B 222-F 19KW and WB1A 13KW 7248320 models, the sensor proves itself as an integral component, maintaining the perfect temperature equilibrium, while ensuring durability and reliability.

WB1B Series: Compact Yet Powerful

The WB1B 100-W Compact 13KW and WB1B 100-W Compact 16KW models can rely on the Viessmann Combi Temperature Sensor for optimal functioning. It's the key to unlock unmatched thermal efficiency in compact spaces.

Versatility Beyond Viessmann: Ferroli Fluss Kombi

The Combi Temperature Sensor isn’t limited to Viessmann models. It's also perfectly attuned with the Ferroli Fluss Kombi, broadening its reach to serve a diversified range of boilers.

Inside the Package: What's Included?

Each package contains one high-quality Viessmann Combi Temperature Sensor, ensuring immediate readiness for installation and integration into your boiler system.

Unveiling the Viessmann Combi Temperature Sensor’s Specifications

  • Store Name: OZBA Spare Parts Store
  • Usage: Temperature Sensor for Combi Boilers
  • Type: Analog Sensor
  • Origin: TR (Origin)
  • Material: Constructed from high-grade metal for long-lasting durability
  • Brand Name: Viessmann, a renowned name in heating technology

Assured Quality and Trust

The Viessmann Combi Temperature Sensor is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to quality. With its unparalleled compatibility and precise temperature monitoring, it becomes an essential asset in enhancing your boiler’s performance. Secure your peace of mind and assure your comfort by integrating the Viessmann Combi Temperature Sensor into your boiler system today.


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