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Filter Metal Grease Long-Life Filter compatible with Constructa CD656352/03, CD659251/01 Extractor Fan - 34.9 x 29.6 x 0.8 cm, metal

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Cooker Hood Metal Grease Filter - 00703537

Product Classification: Compatible

This cooker hood metal grease filter is suitable for various brands and models.

  • Bosch Code: 00703537
  • Measurements : 348x295 mm
Please, check compatibility and dimensions before order.
Suitable Models:
Bosch: DWA097A50, DWA094W51B, DWA097E50, DWA097E51B, DWA098E50, DWA094W50, DWA094W50B, DWA067A50T, DWA074W50B, DWA068E50, DWA067E51B, DWA067A50, DWA064W50, DWA064W50B, DWA064W51B, DIA097A50, DWA097E51, DWA06D651, DWA09E750A, DWA097E51A, DWA09D650V, DWA06E750B, DWA078E50B, DWA06W450B, DWA07W450B, DWA09W451B, DWA09D651, DWA06E650, DWA09W450, DWA09W450B, DWA06E650B, DWA09E850A, DWA098E50A, DIA09D650, DWA09E650, DWA09E750, DWA09E750B, DWA09D660, DWA09D620, DWA097A51, DWA067E50, DWA06E850, DWA06W451B, DWA067A51, DWA09D650, DWA067E51, DWA06W450, DWA06D650, DWA06E750, DWA09E150I, DWA07E650B, DWA09E850, DWA06W451.
Constructa: CD959652, CD656352, CD659352, CD959352, CD659251, CD656251, CD959350.
Junker & Ruh: JD66GW52, JD69GW52, JD99GW52, JD69GW50, JD66GW50.
NEFF: I89EH52N0B, I89EH52N0, D89ER22N0B, D89EH52N0, D89EH52N0B, D86EH52N0B, D86EH52N0, D86ER22N0B, D86ER22N0, D86E45N0, D86E21N1, D86G45N0GB, D89E45N0, D89G21N0GB, D89G45N0, D86G21N0GB, D89E21N1GB, D87E21N1GB, D87ER22N0B, D86E21N1GB, I89E45N0, D86G45N0, D89E21N1, D89G45N0GB, I89E21N0GB, D89GR22N0B, I89E21N0, D86GR22N0B, D89ER22N0.
Profilo: DVA560.
Siemens: LC77GA532, LC67GA532, LC67GB532B, LC64GB522B, LC97GA532, LF98GB542B, LF97GA532, LC97GB532B, LC97GB532, LC94GB522B.

Color: Silver


  • Reliable exchange filter for ventilation unit | Cleaner air when cooking on the hob, frying with a deep fryer, baking
  • Replacement for 00703537
  • Extractor fan for improved exhaust air in the kitchen | Dimensions: 34.9 x 29.6 x 0.8 cm | Material: metal
  • Extractor fan reliably removes odours & greasy residues from the air | Simple exchange thanks to precision-design | Dishwasher-safe
  • Content of delivery: metal grease filter | Kitchen accessories & spare parts for electrical household appliances

Details: Description vhbw - the clever way Compatible, high-quality filter for oven extractor fans Extractor fans extract and filter out odours and vapours produced when cooking. They only function effectively and hygienically if the filter is kept clean and in good condition.It is therefore important to clean the grease filter regularly and replace it when necessary. Our vhbw filter enables your cooker hood to protect against the formation of permanent odours in the kitchen. This filter is dishwasher safe. To extend the life of the filter as much as possible, simply wash it regularly in the dishwasher. CONTENT OF DELIVERY: - metal grease filter TECHNICAL DETAILS: - Dimensions (L x W x H): 34.9 x 29.6 x 0.8 cm - Material: metal - Form: rectangular - Colour: silver - Weight: 199 g COMPATIBLE WITH: - Constructa CD656352/03 - Constructa CD659251/01 REPLACEMENT FOR: - 00703537 vhbw - High-quality replacement parts and accessories to prolong the service life of your electronic devices.

EAN: 4062692092622

Package Dimensions: 16.1 x 13.4 x 0.7 inches

Part Number: VHBW4062692092622

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