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SARF IHA Disposable Bloodstone - Instant Bleed-Stop Solution for Cuts & Nicks - Pack of 24

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SARF IHA - Disposable Bloodstone Pack of 24 - Stops Bleeding Instantly

SARF IHA's disposable bloodstone pack is an innovation in first aid and beauty care. A solution to minor cuts and scratches, it not only offers immediate relief but also provides a hygienic way to manage bleeding. With its multi-purpose design and bulk packaging, it serves as an essential addition to hairdressers, beauty salons, and even households. Dive into the unique features and benefits of SARF IHA's disposable bloodstone.

Instant Relief for Minor Scratches and Cuts

Minor accidents such as scratches or nicks while shaving can be distressing. SARF IHA provides immediate clotting, ensuring that these small injuries don't disrupt your day. The fast-acting nature of the bloodstone offers peace of mind, particularly when time is of the essence.

Hygienic Solution for After Shave and Beauty Procedures

Post-shaving nicks or minor cuts after manicure and pedicure sessions are not just painful but can be a source of infections if not treated properly. SARF IHA's disposable bloodstones provide a clean and sterile solution. By ensuring that each bloodstone is used only once, the risk of contamination is significantly reduced.

A Must-have for Beauty Salons and Hairdressers

For professionals in the beauty industry, the health and satisfaction of their clients are paramount. The SARF IHA disposable bloodstone not only showcases their commitment to hygiene but also adds a layer of professionalism to their services. With this product on hand, clients can rest assured that even the tiniest of accidents will be taken care of efficiently.

Economical Packaging for Extended Use

With a total of 480 disposable bloodstones distributed across 24 packages, SARF IHA ensures that users have an ample supply. Each packet contains 20 bloodstones, making it convenient for both individual users and professionals to store and retrieve as needed.

Integration into First Aid Kits

The compact and individual packaging of the SARF IHA bloodstones makes them an excellent addition to first aid kits. Whether you are a traveler, a parent, or someone who just likes to be prepared, slipping one of these packets into your first aid kit ensures that you're ready to handle minor injuries effectively.


SARF IHA's Disposable Bloodstone Pack of 24 is a game-changer in the world of first aid and beauty care. Offering immediate relief, ensuring hygiene, and providing economic packaging, it ticks all the boxes for a top-tier product in its category. Whether you're a professional in the beauty industry or an individual who values preparedness, SARF IHA's disposable bloodstone

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Product Type: First Aid and Beauty Care Accessory

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