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Samsung Washing Machine Door Seal. Genuine part number DC64-02888A

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Samsung Washing Machine Door Seal. Genuine part number DC64-02888A


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  • Genuine replacement door seal for your washing machine.
  • This can fit washing machines sold by different manufacturers and brands.
  • For a full list of models, this part/accessory is suitable for clicking on “See more product details” and then clicking “See all product details”.
  • This is a genuine product supplied by the original manufacturer.
  • Take safety precautions when repairing all appliances. Repairs to gas appliances should only be made by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.


Washing Machine Door Gasket - DC64-02888A

Product Classification:Compatible

Compatible part numbers: DC64-02750A, DC64-02749A, DC64-02888A
The connecting elastic between the tank and the body of the washing machine is marked DC64-02750A / DC64-03197A / DC97-18852A / WW6000J-PJT DC64-03197A X 002
Material: rubber (rubber) Color: gray Outer diameter: 410mm Inner diameter: 330mm Height: 73mm
Suitable for models with a load of 3.5 kg (Kg), 4 kg (Kg), 4.5 kg (Kg) 5 kg (Kg) 5.5 kg (Kg), 6 kg (Kg), 6.5 kg (Kg), 7 kg (Kg), 7.5 kg (Kg), 8 kg (Kg) 8.5 kg (Kg) 9 kg (Kg) kilogram
Codes for the replacement of the cuff (gasket) of the hatch: DC64-02888A, DC64-02750A, DC97-18852A, DC64-03197A / DC64-03197A - without a hole, and DC64-03197B with a hole
The door seal of the Diamond washing machine door is installed Silver nano Eco Bubble Crystal Slim, addWash fuzzy Galvon, Sensor Compact on the model

Suitable Models:

F14SIH, F14SWH, J141USN, J141UWN, J1435GSC, J1435GWC, J145S, J145W, Q140S, q140W, Q144USN, Q144UWN, Q1450GSC, Q1450GWC, WF0702L7V, WF0702L7W, WF0702W7W, WF0704F7V, WF0704F7W, WF0704L7W, WF0704W7S, WF0704W7V, WF0704W7W, WF0704Y7E, WF0704Y8E, WF0714F7V, WF0714F7W, WF0714Y7E, WF0754W7E, WF0754W7V, WF0794W7E, WF0800NCE, WF0802LWV, WF0802LWW, WF0802NCE, WF0804W8E, WF0804W8N, WF0804W8W, WF0804X8E, WF0804Y8E, WF0804Y8E2, WF0804Y8N,F0806X8E, WF0806X8N, WF0806Z8C, WF0806Z8E, WF0806Z8W, WF0814Y8E, WF0816Z8E, WF0816Z8W, WF0854W8E, WF0854W8N, WF0890NCE, WF0892NCE, WF0894W8E, WF0894W8N, WF10724Y8E, WF10734Y8E, WF10764Y8E, WF10784Y8E, WF10794Y8E, WF10824Z8V, WF10826Z8E, WF10884Z8V, WF10894Z8V, WF1702WPV2, WF1702WPW2, WF1702WSV2, WF1702WSW2, WF1704WPC, WF1704WPC2, WF1704WPU2, WF1704WSE2, WF1704WSV2, WF1704WSW2, WF1704YPC2, WF1704YPV2, WF1704YSW2, WF1714YPC2, WF1714YPV2, WF1714YSW2, WF3704YSW2, WF3714YSW2, WF3724YSV2, WF3734YPW2, WF3784YPV2, WF60F4E0N0W, WF60F4E0N2W, WF60F4E0W0W, WF60F4E0W2W, 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Details: Samsung Washing Machine Door Seal. Genuine part number DC64-02888A

EAN: 5054680312798

Package Dimensions: 18.7 x 14.1 x 3.5 inches

Part Number: DC64-02888A

model number: DC64-02888A

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