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Menthol Stone for Migraine Relief, Head, Neck, Joint, Waist, Leg Pain - 100% Natural Spa Cream Stone, Rushur Massage Stone

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Unleash the Power of Menthol Box Stone for Healing and Energizing: A Deep Dive into the World of Holistic Therapy

In today's bustling world, a myriad of health issues such as migraines, muscular tension, and joint pain plague countless individuals. At the OZBA Store, we strive to present innovative solutions that effectively tackle these concerns head-on. Central to our offerings is the remarkable Menthol Box Stone, a powerhouse in the realm of natural healing and rejuvenation.

What is Menthol Box Stone?

The Menthol Box Stone is a unique compound, white in color and intensely concentrated. Sourced from nature's abundant resources, this product is infused with an invigorating menthol and mint aroma, and wields therapeutic benefits beyond just alleviating headaches.

From neck tension to joint discomfort, the Menthol Box Stone is designed for multi-purpose use, providing a sense of ease and relief without even resorting to any painkillers. Its exceptional potency fosters quick recovery, making it an ideal choice for those dealing with persistent pain or discomfort.

The Proper Usage of Menthol Box Stone

Applying the Menthol Box Stone requires a mild touch and a few repetitive motions. Before the onset of any discomfort, gently wet the target area and rub the stone a few times. It's important to note that the initial application may feel subtle, almost as if nothing has been applied. However, soon after, you'll experience a potent effect taking hold, providing significant relief.

For first-time users experiencing a headache, we advise applying the stone on areas away from the eyes, like the temples. Avoid applying it near sensitive areas, as the strong menthol effect can induce a burning sensation. While the effects may not be overwhelmingly potent for chronic cases, the Menthol Box Stone is excellent at swiftly relieving mild to moderate discomfort.

Discover the Power of Stones and Crystals

Stones and crystals have been celebrated throughout history for their positive energy and potential benefits to human wellness. This belief has persisted, backed by recent scientific research into the field of crystal healing. While there was a time when we may have been skeptical, an extensive review of available literature and testimonials from satisfied users have led us to a newfound appreciation of their potential benefits.

Among the most popular healing stones, we find Amethyst and Amber. The former is a quartz-type stone with a beautiful purple hue, recognized for its relaxing and body tension alleviating properties. Both these stones form an integral part of our holistic product lineup at the OZBA Store.

Product Variants Tailored for Your Needs

Our commitment to delivering personalized solutions has resulted in a diverse selection of product variants. They include:

  • Variant 1: 2 Units of Migraine Stone + 6 Units of Ruşur Stone

  • Variant 2: Migraine Stone Menthol Spa 7 Gr X 3 Units

  • Variant 3: 1 Unit of Migraine Stone + 4 Units of Ruşur Stone

  • Variant 4: Menthol Stone 7 gr And Crystal Menthol 10 gr

  • Variant 5: Special Crystal Menthol 30 Gr in Unique Bottle

  • Variant 6: Menthol Stone 7 gr And Crystal Menthol 10 gr

Each of these variants have been thoughtfully curated to cater to different needs and preferences. Whether it is migraine relief, spa treatments, or holistic healing you seek, our store has got you covered.


The Menthol Box Stone and its diverse variants are not just products; they are the stepping stones to a journey of holistic healing and well-being. Crafted with care, they serve as a testament to the OZBA Store's commitment to promoting a healthier, more energized lifestyle


The Remarkable Benefits of Rushur Stone: Your Ultimate Guide to Skin Care


As nature's gifts continue to stun us, the Rushur stone, also known as Sefitab, has taken center stage, boasting a rich history that dates back to ancient Iran. Prized for its skin revitalizing properties, the Rushur stone brings a fresh approach to skin care. This guide delves into the fascinating world of Ruşur stone and its applications for skin health.

A Brief Introduction to Rushur Stone

Hailing from the caves of Iran, the Rushur stone is more than a typical rock. This natural mineral-rich product has been a part of the skin care routine of Iranian women for centuries. From its distinct appearance to the transformation it brings to skin health, the Ruşur stone is a treasure trove of benefits.

Exceptional Features of Ruşur Stone

Despite the universal suitability of Ruşur stone, its renewal property makes it a standout in the world of skin care. All age groups can leverage the benefits of Ruşur for improving skin quality. Regardless of skin type, the Rushur stone has a place in everyone's skin care regime. However, given its rejuvenating properties, caution is advisable for those with sensitive skin.

The Ruşur stone is naturally hypoallergenic, courtesy of its mineral-rich composition. Yet, for those exploring Rushur stone for the first time, a small patch test is advisable before full application.

The Multitude of Benefits that Rushur Stone Offers

The benefits of Ruşur stone are vast, and it's not surprising that "What is Ruşur stone used for?" is a commonly asked question. Its mineral-rich composition promotes skin rejuvenation, leading to a fairer skin complexion. People looking to achieve a lighter skin tone can explore the benefits of the Rushur stone.

Ruşur stone is also a powerful tool against skin blemishes. Whether it's acne, sun-induced or age-related skin spots, Rushur stone can be a preferred choice for individuals.

Acting as a facial peeling agent, Rushurstone renews the skin's outer layer and has a cleansing effect on skin pores. Those dealing with pore issues, acne, and blackheads can consider adding Rushur stone to their skincare routine. Moreover, people with oily skin prone to acne and blackheads can use it as a protective measure.

A Detailed Guide on Applying Ruşur Stone

Cleanse your skin before applying Ruşur stone. Post-cleansing, break off a small piece of the stone and mix it with water to form a paste. Apply this paste gently to your skin. Let it sit for about a minute before rinsing it off with gentle massaging movements.

Rinsing with lukewarm water and massaging your skin can better cleanse your pores. However, avoid vigorous movements or extended application to prevent potential skin irritation and dryness.

You can apply Ruşur to nearly all skin areas. For instance, people dealing with discoloration issues in areas like knees and underarms can benefit from Ruşur stone. While there are no specific restrictions regarding the frequency of its usage, excessive application is discouraged given its skin-rejuvenating properties.


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