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2 pcs Length Door Handle Kit for Bosch Fridge Freezers White 315mm Alt to 369542, 00369542

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Color: White


  • Replacement Door Handles Kit made for Bosch Refrigerators / Fridge Freezers (Pack of 2) - PLEASE NOTE: This handle is 310mm (31cm) and is not interchangeable with other bosch handles that look similar - if in doubt please check against your original handle size before purchasing
  • Fits models: KGE3220GB/02, KGE3220GB/03, KGE3417GB/01, KGS3220GB/02, KGS3220GB/03, KGS3220GB/04, KGS3220GB/05, KGS3720GB/03, KGS3720GB/04, KGS3720GB/05, KGS3720GB/06, KGU32120GB/01, KGU32120GB/02, KGU32120GB/03, KGU32120GB/04, KGU32120GB/05, KGU32120GB/06, KGU32121GB/01, KGU3220GB/01, KGU3220GB/02, KGU34120GB/01, KGU34120GB/02, KGU34120GB/03, KGU34120GB/04, KGU3420GB/01, KGU3420GB/02, KGV2620GB/01, KGV2620GB/02, KGV2620GB/03, KGV2620GB/04, KGV2620GB/05, KGV3120GB/01, KGV3120GB/02, KGV3120GB/03,
  • KGV3120GB/04, KGV3120GB/05, KGV3120GB/06, KGV31310GB/01, KGV3620GB/01, KGV3620GB/02, KGV3620GB/03, KGV3620GB/04, KGV3620GB/05, KSV2920GB/01, KSV2920GB/02, KSV3320GB/01, KSV3320GB/02, KGE2520NL-01, KGE2520NL-02, KGE2520NL-03, KGE2616-01, KGE2616-02, KGE2616-03, KGE2616-05, KGE26420-01, KGE2900-01, KGE2900-02, KGE2920-01, KGE2920NL-01, KGE2920NL-02, KGE29400-01, KGE3117-01, KGE3117-02, KGE3117-03, KGE3117-04, KGE3117-05, KGE31420-01, KGE31420-02, KGE31421-01,
  • KGE31440-01, KGE31449-01, KGE3200SD-05, KGE3200SD-06, KGE3200SD-53, KGE3200SD-54, KGE3200SD-55, KGE3220GB-01, KGE3220GB-02, KGE3220GB-03, KGE3220GB-04
  • Replaces Genuine Part Numbers: 00265975, 00267269, 00268679, 00356724, 00359703, 00481302, 00484006, 00484315, 00488447, 00489235 - Premium quality fully compatible replacement spare part

Details: 2 x Replacement Door Handles Kit (includes caps and screws) made for LAZER ELECTRICS to fit Bosch Refrigerators Fridge Freezers - This handle is 310mm (31cm) and is not interchangeable with other bosch parts - if in doubt please check with against your old handle size before purchasing

EAN: 5060589062146

Package Dimensions: 14.2 x 5.1 x 1.8 inches

Binding: Unknown Binding

Part Number: LAZER20641

model number: LAZER20641

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