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Infrared Electric Grill No Smell No Smoke 4 Size Aluminium Light Barbeque, Meat chicken easy clean fast kitchen chefs

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Elevate Your Culinary Game with the Remarkable Taner Infrared Electric Grill

A Glimpse Into the Box: Unveiling the Components

Each Taner Medium Size Lux Grill package is meticulously assembled to include:

  • The Grill itself, the heart of this sensational package
  • A wire shelf for enhanced versatility
  • An oil pan, ensuring a mess-free experience
  • 2 or 4 skewers, perfect for kebabs or vegetable grilling

Robustness Redefined: Taner's Durable and Quality Design

The Taner Medium Size Lux Grill is the epitome of durability. Boasting fireproof, non-stick, and stainless features, this grill is an investment that promises longevity. Bid adieu to concerns of damage or imperfect grilling as Taner stands as a paragon of resilience and flawless performance.

Savor the Flavor Sans the Smoke

Smokeless grilling is no longer a distant dream. The Taner Grill assures an entirely smoke-free operation. Sear your steaks or grill your vegetables without the pungent aroma of smoke. The absence of soot ensures that you are neither contributing to air pollution nor causing discomfort to your eyes or throat.

Flexibility at its Finest: 180-degree Rotatable Lids

Lay your grill plates open at 180 degrees for ultimate ease and accessibility. Whether you're grilling bulky vegetables or delicate cuts of meat, the wide opening ensures effortless arrangement without the risk of scalding your fingers.

A Hygienic Experience: Easy Cleaning Advantage

Sanitation is paramount, and Taner understands this. The grill’s bottom cover is effortlessly detachable, and dishwasher-safe. Rest assured that your grilling escapades are hygienic and hassle-free.

Space-savvy and Portable: Compact Design

The Taner Grill's compact design is an ode to modern minimalistic living. Its petite structure ensures that it seamlessly blends into any space, be it your kitchen or your terrace. Lightweight and portable, it's your perfect companion for those impromptu barbecue parties.

Armor-like Body: Aluminum Durable Structure

Constructed with high-quality aluminum, the Taner Grill is akin to a fortress. It valiantly stands unaffected by high temperatures and impacts. The aluminum casing ensures that the grill continues to look and perform like new, even after extensive usage.

In Conclusion: Why Taner Medium Size Lux Grill is a Culinary Connoisseur’s Dream

The Taner Medium Size Lux Grill is an amalgamation of style, strength, and sophistication. Its smokeless grilling capability ensures that your taste buds can relish the pure essence of grilled food. The 180-degree rotatable lids, coupled with an aluminum body and easy cleaning, make this grill not just a product, but an experience. Elevate your culinary artistry by embracing the unmatched performance of the Taner Grill.



Taner Macro Grill

Heat Setting: No
Power (Watt): 1300
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: H5.6 x W45 x D27 CM

Taner Mega Grill

Heat Setting: No
Voltage (Volt): 240
Power (Watt): 1100
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: H5.4 x W40 x D26 CM

Taner Medium Grill

Voltage (Volt): 220 - 240
Weight: 1450 G
Power (Watt): 1000
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: H5.6 x W37 x D23 Cm

Taner Standart Grill

Voltage (Volt): 220 - 240
Weight: 1200 G
Power (Watt): 850
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: H5.4 x W31 x D21 CM


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