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Genuine Bosch Filter 12033216: Your Perfect Partner for Bosch Unlimited Series 6 Vacuum Cleaners High-Quality Bosch 12033216 Filter: Ideal for BBS611W2TW, BCS61113, BCS612GB Models

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Bosch Original Filter 12033216: A Perfect Fit for Your Series 6 Unlimited Vacuum Cleaners

When it comes to maintaining the longevity and top-notch performance of your Bosch Unlimited Series 6 vacuum cleaners, the Original Bosch Filter 12033216 is unparalleled. A genuine Bosch product, this filter is integral in ensuring your appliance's optimal functioning while ensuring your home environment remains clean, healthy, and allergen-free.

The Need for Original Bosch Filter 12033216

The Bosch Filter 12033216 is not just any other filter. It's a high-quality, original component meticulously crafted to fit perfectly with your Bosch Unlimited Series 6 vacuum cleaners. This OEM spare part ensures a seamless replacement process, offering the same superior performance, reliability, and durability you have come to expect from Bosch products.

Compatibility with Bosch Unlimited Series 6 Models

This filter is designed for compatibility with an extensive range of Bosch Unlimited Series 6 models. Here are the vacuum cleaner models you can use the Bosch 12033216 filter with:

  • BBS611W2TW/03 & BBS611W2TW/04
  • BBS612A3TW/03 & BBS612A3TW/04
  • BBS612PCK series (01-04)
  • BBS612W4CN/01
  • BCS61113 series (01-04)
  • BCS61113AU series (01-04)
  • BCS611AM series (01-05)
  • BCS611GB series (01-04)
  • BCS612GB series (01-04)
  • BCS612KA2 series (01-04)
  • BCS612W series (01-04)
  • BCS61BAT2 series (01-04)
  • BKS611MTB series (01-04)
  • BSS61CARP series (02-04)

Compatible with the following models of Bosch 


BBS611W2TW/03,, BBS611W2TW/04, BBS612A3TW/03, BBS612A3TW/04, BBS612PCK/01, BBS612PCK/02, BBS612PCK/03, BBS612PCK/04, BBS612W4CN/01, BCS61113/01, BCS61113/02, BCS61113/03, BCS61113/04, BCS61113AU/01, BCS6113AU/02, BCS61113AU/03AU/03, BCS61113AU/04, BCS611AM/01, BCS611AM/02, BCS611AM/03, BCS611AM/04, BCS611AM/05, BCS611GB/01, BCS611GB/02, BCS61GB/03, BCS61GB/04, BCS612GB/01, BCS612GB/02, BCS612GB/03, BCS612GB/04, BCS612KA2/01, BCS612KA2/02, BCS612KA2/03, BCS612KA2/04, BCS612W/01, BCS612W/02W/02W/02, BCS612W/03, BCS612W/04, BCS61BAT2/01, BCS61BAT2/02, BCS61BAT2/03, BCS61BAT2/04, BKS611MTB/01, BKS611MTB/02, BKS611MTB/03, BKS61MTB/04, BSS61CARP/02BSS61CARP/03, BSS61CARP/04


Vacuum Part Type: Filters


Type: Vacuum Cleaner Parts

Origin: TR(Origin)

Model Number: 12033216


Bosch Filter 12033216: BBS61 BCS61 BKS61 BLS61


Enhancing Vacuum Performance with Original Bosch Filter 12033216

The Original Bosch Filter 12033216 not only ensures a smooth replacement process but significantly contributes to enhancing the performance of your Bosch Unlimited Series 6 vacuum cleaners. It optimizes airflow, captures particulates effectively, and is instrumental in maintaining the device's suction power, allowing it to provide a thorough cleaning experience every time.

Your Trusted Partner for Clean and Healthy Homes

The Bosch Filter 12033216 is your reliable partner in maintaining a clean, allergen-free home. By capturing even the minutest of particles, it plays an essential role in improving indoor air quality and reducing allergens. It's the ultimate solution for

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Portuguese: Filtro Genuíno Bosch 12033216: Seu parceiro perfeito para aspiradores de pó da série 6 ilimitada da Bosch. Filtro Bosch 12033216 de alta qualidade: Ideal para modelos BBS611W2TW, BCS61113, BCS612GB.

Russian: Оригинальный фильтр Bosch 12033216: Ваш идеальный помощник для пылесосов серии 6 Unlimited от Bosch. Высококачественный фильтр Bosch 12033216: Идеален для моделей BBS611W2TW, BCS61113, BCS612GB.

French: Filtre authentique Bosch 12033216 : Votre partenaire parfait pour les aspirateurs de la série 6 Unlimited de Bosch. Filtre Bosch 12033216 de haute qualité : Idéal pour les modèles BBS611W2TW, BCS61113, BCS612GB.

Spanish: Filtro genuino Bosch 12033216: Tu compañero perfecto para aspiradoras de la serie 6 Unlimited de Bosch. Filtro Bosch 12033216 de alta calidad: Ideal para los modelos BBS611W2TW, BCS61113, BCS612GB.

Indonesian: Filter Bosch Asli 12033216: Mitra sempurna untuk Pembersih Vakum Seri 6 Unlimited Bosch. Filter Bosch 12033216 berkualitas tinggi: Ideal untuk model BBS611W2TW, BCS61113, BCS612GB.

Italian: Filtro Bosch originale 12033216: Il tuo partner perfetto per gli aspirapolvere della serie 6 Unlimited di Bosch. Filtro Bosch 12033216 di alta qualità: Ideale per i modelli BBS611W2TW, BCS61113, BCS612GB.

Arabic: فلتر بوش الأصلي 12033216: شريكك المثالي لمكنسة بوش السلسلة غير محدودة 6. فلتر بوش 12033216 عالي الجودة: مثالي للطرازات BBS611W2TW و BCS61113 و BCS612GB.

German: Original Bosch Filter 12033216: Ihr perfekter Partner für Bosch Unlimited Series 6 Staubsauger. Hochwertiger Bosch 12033216 Filter: Ideal für Modelle wie BBS611W2TW, BCS61113, BCS612GB.

Dutch: Originele Bosch-filter 12033216: Jouw perfecte partner voor Bosch Unlimited Serie 6 stofzuigers. Hoogwaardige Bosch 12033216-filter: Ideaal voor modellen zoals BBS611W2TW, BCS61113, BCS612GB.

Japanese: ジェニュインボッシュフィルター12033216:ボッシュアンリミテッドシリーズ6掃除機のパーフェクトパートナー。高品質のBosch 12033216フィルター:BBS611W2TW、BCS61113、BCS612GBモデルに最適。

Korean: 정품 보쉬 필터 12033216: 보쉬 언리미티드 시리즈 6 진공 청소기에 완벽한 파트너. 고품질 보쉬 12033216 필터: BBS611W2TW, BCS61113, BCS612GB 모델에 이상적입니다.

Thai: ฟิลเตอร์แท้ Bosch 12033216: พาร์ทเนอร์ที่เหมาะสมสำหรับเครื่องดูดฝุ่นซีรีส์ 6 จาก Bosch. ฟิลเตอร์ Bosch 12033216 คุณภาพสูง: ตัวเลือกที่ดีสำหรับโมเดล BBS611W2TW, BCS61113, BCS612GB.

Hebrew: מסנן Bosch מקורי 12033216: השותף המושלם שלך עבור מטמיעי סדרת 6 Unlimited של Bosch. מסנן Bosch 12033216 איכותי: אידיאלי לדגמים BBS611W2TW, BCS61113, BCS612GB.

Turkish: Orijinal Bosch Filtre 12033216: Bosch Unlimited Serisi 6 Elektrikli Süpürgeleriniz için mükemmel bir çözüm ortağı. Yüksek kaliteli Bosch 12033216 Filtre: BBS611W2TW, BCS61113, BCS612GB modelleri için ideal.

Polish: Oryginalny filtr Bosch 12033216: Idealny partner dla odkurzaczy Bosch Unlimited Serii 6. Wysokiej jakości filtr Bosch 12033216: Idealny dla modeli BBS611W2TW, BCS61113, BCS612GB.


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