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Gas Stove Cooktop Burner Wok Burner 55mm - 100mm

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Gas Stove Cooktop Burner Wok Burner Oven Cooker Hob Gas Burner Crown & Flame Cap Kit ( Small, 2 Medium & Large, 55mm - 100mm) Spare Parts Accessory Replacement

-Single Burner with Lighter Hole. It does not fit with double holes, it does not fit with recesses, it does not fit with wok eyes and the pipe system does not fit in place of claw burners.
-The products in the picture will be sent exactly. - It is compatible with pool burner system stoves.
-When you remove the burners of your stove if you see a hollow aluminum section called a pool and an injector in the middle that provides a gas outlet, your stove is a pool burner and this product is suitable for your stove.
- If you see a protruding pipe end instead of a pit under the burners of your stove, your stove is a piped system and this product does not fit your stove.
It consists of a total of 8 parts, including 1 large, 2 medium, and 1 small aluminum burners and enamel-coated burner covers.
- You will have renewed the old, rusty, worn burners and burner covers of your stove and you will have turned it into a zero-looking stove thanks to its bright, high-quality burners and burner covers.
-We recommend you clean it by rubbing it with fine wire and detergent in order to prevent it from rusting and to use it brightly for many years.

Gas Stove Cooktop Flame Cap Kit

  • Replacement Gas Flame Burner Crown & Cap Kit made for OZBA to fit select models of Lamona Gas Oven / Cooker or Hob

  • Fits models: ***NON-UNIVERSAL*** Fits select models of Lamona oven, cooker, and hob with measurements that match the sizings below. ***Please carefully inspect the gallery images to check base fitting compatibility before purchase.***

  • Measurements: Small - Cap diameter: 55mm, Base diameter: 49mm, Central Hole Diameter: 15mm, Medium - Cap diameter: 75mm, Base Diameter: 68.5mm, Central Hole Diameter: 15mm, Large - Cap diameter: 100mm, Base Diameter: 93mm, Central Hole Diameter: 20mm -- all electrode hole diameters are 5mm

  • All Cap Heights: 2mm, All Crown Heights: 18mm (26mm including Stem), All full burner heights including cap and stem: 28mm

  • The complete kit contains 1 small, 2 medium, and 1 large burner skirt & cap

  • Burner caps on your hob are vulnerable to the combined effects of heat, grease, and food particles.

  • Over time, the burner caps can become unsightly, and residue may smolder when you're cooking.

Brand Name: OZBA
Origin: TR(Origin)
Model Number: Set uz5029bek05
Type: Cooktop Parts

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