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Fridge & Freezer Single Hole Door Handle 31,5 Cm, Compatible for Bosch GSD32.. KSR39.. KSV36..- - 00672516

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Refrigerator Single Hole Door Handle - 00672516

Product Classification: Compatible

This single hole door handle is suitable for various models of Bosch fridges and freezers.

Suitable models:

Bosch : KSR395016J, KSR395016K, KSR395906J, GSD325016J, KSV365016J, GSD325016K, KSV365016K, GSD325906K, KSR395906K, GSD325906J, KSV365226N, GSD325906N, GSD325906X, KSR395206X, GSD325906Q, KSR395906X, KSV365106K, GSD325206X, KSR395906N, GSD325906V, KSR395906V, KSR395906Q, KSV365506K, KSV365206N, KSV365446N, KSV365446K, KSR395906O, KSR395206O, KSR395446K, GSD32A00BR, KSR39A70BR, KSR39A71BR, KSR39A71AR, GSD32A71AR, KSR39A01AR, GSD32A01AR, GSD32A71BR, GSD32A70BR, GSD32A01BR, KSR39A01BR, KSR39A00BR, KSR39A00AR, GSD325446K, GSD325206O, KSR39A70AR, GSD32A00AR, KSR395446J, GSD325906O, GSD325446J, KSV365446J, GSD32A70AR, GSD32A00CL, KSR39A00CL


  • ⇈⇉ Thoughtful design - Our accessories are designed with user needs and feedback in mind to ensure they are convenient and functional during use.
  • ⇈⇉ Refrigerator accessories are made of high quality materials, they are durable and last for a long time.
  • ⇈⇉ Easy to install - Our accessories feature easy-to-follow installation steps, so you can quickly and easily install them on your refrigerator.
  • ⇈⇉ Improved refrigeration - Our accessories enhance your refrigerator's refrigeration to help you better maintain the freshness and taste of your food.
  • ⇈⇉ Fridge & Freezer Single Hole Door Handle 31,5 Cm , Compatible For Bosch GSD32.. KSR39.. KSV36..- - 00672516

EAN: 9409098848319

Part Number: SUYITAO

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