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For Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Filter Set Bgc1ub130 Bgc2u230 Bgs11800gs-10 Accessory Spare Part

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For Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Filter Set Bgc1ub130 Bgc2u230 Bgs11800gs-10 Accessory Spare part

OZBA Spare Parts Store proudly introduces the Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Filter Set suitable for specified models. This highly efficient and durable filter set ensures that your vacuum cleaner operates at its optimum level. Comprising of 1 HEPA and 1 sponge filter, this set promises quality and performance.

Why Choose the Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Filter Set?

1. Precision Fit for Specified Models

Designed specifically for Bosch Vacuum Cleaner models Bgc1ub130, Bgc2u230, and Bgs11800gs-10, this filter set guarantees a perfect fit. Every component of the filter set is manufactured to Bosch's precise standards, ensuring a snug fit and optimal performance.

2. High-Quality HEPA Filter

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters are renowned for their ability to capture fine particles, ensuring a clean and allergen-free environment. The included HEPA filter in the Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Filter Set traps dust, pollen, and other fine particles with a remarkable efficiency of 99.97% for particles as small as 0.3 microns. This ensures that the air in your home remains clean, making it safe for everyone, especially those with allergies.

3. Durable Sponge Filter

The sponge filter plays a crucial role in ensuring that larger debris does not reach the vacuum's motor, extending its lifespan. Made from high-quality materials, the sponge filter in this set is not only efficient but also long-lasting.

Ease of Installation

The Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Filter Set is designed with the user in mind. Installation is a breeze, even for those who aren't technically inclined. Simply open the vacuum's filter compartment, replace the old filters with the new ones, and you're good to go. This ease of installation ensures that your vacuum cleaner is always performing at its best without any extensive downtime.

Enhanced Vacuum Performance

A vacuum cleaner's performance is directly linked to the quality and condition of its filters. Over time, filters get clogged with dirt and debris, reducing the vacuum's suction power. By regularly replacing the filters with the Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Filter Set, you ensure that your vacuum cleaner remains powerful, efficient, and reliable.

Authenticity Guaranteed

At OZBA Spare Parts Store, we prioritize quality and authenticity. When you purchase the Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Filter Set from us, you are assured of receiving an original product that meets Bosch's rigorous quality standards.


Investing in the Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Filter Set is a decision that guarantees longevity and peak performance for your vacuum cleaner. Suitable for specified models and comprising of a HEPA and sponge filter, this set from OZBA Spare Parts Store ensures that your vacuuming tasks are always executed perfectly. Whether you're aiming for a clean home or ensuring the health of your loved ones, the Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Filter Set is your ideal companion.





Origin: TR(Origin)

Model Number: Bgc1ub130, Bgc2u230, Bgs11800gs-10

Vacuum Part Type: Filters

Type: Vacuum Cleaner Parts

Bosch: Bgc1ub130 Bgc2u230

Bosch: Bgs11800gs-10


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