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Fillet Knife Sushi Fish Meat Chef Knife Special Blade For Fish Scale Flexible Blade Kitchen High Quality Stainless Steel Damascus Kitchen Tools Utensil Butcher Handmade

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Unveiling the Exquisite Fillet Knife for Sushi Mastery: Your Ultimate Fish & Meat Culinary Partner

Embark on a culinary adventure with the remarkable Fillet Knife for Sushi that boasts a specialized blade crafted explicitly for scaling fish. This chef knife is an epitome of perfection, merging functionality with high-end quality, and an aura of elegance. With its flexible blade made from stainless steel, and a Damascus touch, this handmade kitchen utensil is not just a tool - it’s a treasure for every butcher and chef.

A Closer Look at the Blade: Precision Meets Elegance

Razor-Sharp Blade for Exceptional Filleting

Crafted from 4116-grade stainless steel, this fillet knife is your quintessential partner for creating impeccable sushi. The blade boasts a mouth length of 15 cm and a steel thickness of 2 mm which ensures precise cuts, enabling you to master the art of filleting with ease.

The Intricate Art of Damascus Steel

Damascus steel is renowned for its distinctive patterns resembling flowing water. This fillet knife integrates Damascus patterns, not just for aesthetics but for enhanced performance. The layers of steel create a robust blade that combines flexibility with hardness.

Ergonomic Design: A Symphony of Comfort and Control

Handle Matters: The Fibrox Innovation

The handle of this fillet knife is fabricated with Fibrox. It's not just a plastic handle; it's an experience. Fibrox is famed for its comfort and non-slip grip, ensuring that the knife feels like an extension of your hand even during prolonged use.

Optimal Balance: Precision in Every Cut

The 13 cm handle height ensures that the knife is impeccably balanced. This balance is critical in delivering precise cuts without fatigue. Whether you're filleting salmon or finely slicing sashimi, this knife ensures perfection in every slice.

The Salmon Knife: A Niche Perfected

As a salmon knife, this fillet knife is specialized for handling the delicate texture of salmon. The long, flexible blade ensures that you can make long, single-pass cuts for the perfect fillet. The narrowness of the blade enables it to move smoothly along the bones.

Origins and Authenticity

This knife bears its origin proudly as TR(Origin), ensuring authentic craftsmanship. The origins are a testament to the high standards and rich tradition that goes into making this masterpiece. You're not just buying a knife; you're inheriting a legacy.

The Fillet Knife: A Quintessential Kitchen Utensil

This fillet knife is an asset in any kitchen. The flexibility of the blade, coupled with the comfort of the Fibrox handle, makes it versatile. From sushi to carpaccio, from your kitchen to a high-end restaurant, this knife is ready to handle everything.

Wrapping It Up: A Culinary Investment

In conclusion, this Fillet Knife is not just a kitchen tool; it's an investment into your culinary dreams. With its exquisite blade, ergonomic handle, and specialized features for salmon, it's destined to revolutionize your experience. Whether you’re a sushi enthusiast or a professional chef, this fillet knife is your ultimate companion in the kitchen.



Type: Knives


Steel Thickness: 2 mm

Steel: 4116 stainless Steel

Origin: TR(Origin)

Measure: Blade Mouth Size: 15 cm Handle Length: 135 cm

Material: Stainless Steel

Knife Type: Salmon Knives

Handle: Fibrox


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