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Cooker Hood Carbon Filter, Range Hood Charcoal Filter, TEKA, DG3 985, DPL 1185, DH2 985, DLH 985, DLV 985, DVT 685, DVT 985

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Carbon Filter Sets for TEKA Hoods: The Ultimate Guide to Efficient Kitchen Ventilation

TEKA hoods, renowned for their superior quality, are a must-have for any modern kitchen. Specifically, their carbon filter sets, designed for hoods without a chimney, are game-changers. Let's delve into the intricacies of these filters for a better understanding.



CC-485, DG3 985 ISLA, DPL 1185 ISLA, DPL 1185 ISLA, DH2 985 ISLA, DLH 985, DLV 985 BK, DVT 685B, DVT 985B, DG 650 ULTRASLIM, NCE 60, DEP 60,


TEKA Carbon Filter: Revolutionizing Air Quality in Your Kitchen

TEKA's carbon filter sets are designed for the following hood models: DG3 985, DPL 1185, DH2 985, DLH 985, DLV 985, DVT 685, and DVT 985. These filters are your solution for cleaner, fresher kitchen air.

Superior Filtration with Carbon Filters

Carbon filters provide an exceptional level of filtration. Their high absorption rate is due to the activated carbon used, which ensures the most potent odors and pollutants are effectively removed from your kitchen's air.

TEKA Range Hood Charcoal Filters: A Versatile Solution

These filters are tailored for TEKA hoods without a chimney, enabling versatility across various models. The DG3 985, DPL 1185, DH2 985, DLH 985, DLV 985, DVT 685, and DVT 985 all benefit from these high-quality filters.

The Benefits of TEKA Carbon Filter Sets

The advantages of these filters are multifold.

Enhanced Air Quality

Firstly, these filters enhance your kitchen's air quality. The activated carbon in these filters is a potent absorber of pollutants, effectively eliminating unpleasant smells and hazardous substances.


A Comprehensive Guide to Installing Your TEKA Carbon Filter

Installing your TEKA carbon filter is a simple process that can be completed in a few easy steps.

Unbox the Filter

Firstly, unbox your new TEKA carbon filter carefully.

Remove the Old Filter

Secondly, locate the old filter in your range hood and remove it.

Install the New Filter

Lastly, insert the new filter where the old one was. Make sure it's firmly in place before switching on your hood.

In Conclusion: Your Kitchen Deserves a TEKA Carbon Filter

TEKA's carbon filter sets for DG3 985, DPL 1185, DH2 985, DLH 985, DLV 985, DVT 685, and DVT 985 hoods without a chimney are truly a breath of fresh air. They not only enhance the air quality in your kitchen but also improve the lifespan of your range hood. With these filters, you can enjoy a cleaner, healthier, and more pleasant cooking environment.

Switch to TEKA carbon filter sets today – because your kitchen deserves the best!

Increased Lifespan of Your Hood

By using these filters, you also ensure a longer lifespan for your hood. They prevent the accumulation of grease and other pollutants, which can damage your hood over time.

Easy Maintenance

Moreover, the filters are easy to replace, ensuring your kitchen ventilation remains at its best without the need for excessive maintenance.


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