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High-Quality Bosch & Siemens Aquastop Valve Solenoid Valve 00263789 - Universal Replacement Part for Top Dishwasher Brands

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Bosch & Siemens Aquastop Valve Solenoid Valve - 00263789: The Perfect Component for Your Dishwasher

Bosch & Siemens, the leading brands in home appliances, have once again established their prowess in innovation and reliability with the Aquastop Valve Solenoid Valve (00263789). This advanced piece of technology is a remarkable component, compatible with multiple brands and models of dishwashers. Its high-quality build and features contribute to its prolonged service life and outstanding performance.

Compatibility and Versatility of the Aquastop Valve

An impressive feature of the Aquastop Valve Solenoid Valve (00263789) is its wide compatibility range. Not only does it seamlessly integrate with the Bosch and Siemens brands, but it also supports other renowned brands, including Whirlpool, Privileg, Kleenmaid, Ikea, Imperial, and more. This breadth of compatibility makes it a universal solution for any dishwasher model requiring an Aquastop valve replacement.

Kit Components and Specifications

The Aquastop Valve kit comes fully equipped with an electric water valve featuring a 3/4" thread, heat shrink tubing, two crimp sleeves, and a clamp. The valve, with a maximum temperature of 60°C, can handle a maximum pressure of up to 10 bar, ensuring a high-performance operation in a variety of settings. The valve boasts a type 902 specification, operating efficiently within 220/240V and 50/60Hz electrical parameters.

Premium Performance Across Various Models

The Aquastop Valve Solenoid Valve (00263789) is installed in numerous PMM models across a broad spectrum of brands. These include dishwasher models from Whirlpool, Siemens, Privileg, Kleenmaid, Ikea, and more. The valve has proven its worth and reliability in enhancing the dishwasher's performance across these diverse models.

Origin and Model Number

The Aquastop Valve Solenoid Valve (00263789) originates from Turkey, a country known for its superior-quality appliance components. The model number, 00263789, ensures users can correctly identify and locate this specific valve for their dishwasher appliance needs.

Unrivaled Quality from the OZBA Spare Parts Store

The Aquastop Valve Solenoid Valve (00263789) is a quality product from the OZBA Spare Parts Store, a reputed brand in the appliance parts industry. Offering top-notch parts for numerous appliances, OZBA continues to stand behind the robustness and reliability of their components, the Aquastop Valve being no exception.

An Indispensable Part for Various Bosch and Siemens Dishwasher Models

Whether it's the Bosch SGD55E02CH, the Siemens SE20790 HiSense, or the Balay 3VB351XD, the Aquastop Valve is an indispensable part of these and many other models. Its efficient operation and durability make it a go-to choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

In conclusion, the Bosch & Siemens Aquastop Valve Solenoid Valve (00263789) is an ideal investment for those seeking a high-quality, durable, and reliable component for their dishwashers. Its wide compatibility, supreme build, and efficient performance make it a standout choice in the competitive spare parts market.





      SGE0905 (SGE0905/05)

      SE20A591GB (SE20A591GB/18)

      S1453W0EU (S1453W0EU/07)

      SGE0905 (SGE0905/06)

      SE20A591GB (SE20A591GB/19)

      S1453W0EU (S1453W0EU/12)

      SGE0915 (SGE0915/05)

      SE20S590 (SE20S590/16)

      S1453W0EU (S1453W0EU/13)

      SGE0915 (SGE0915/06)

      SE20S590 (SE20S590/19)

      S1453W1EU (S1453W1EU/17)

      SGE09A15 (SGE09A15/18)

      SE23A230EU (SE23A230EU/35)

      S1953W0EU (S1953W0EU/04)

      SGE09A15 (SGE09A15/19)

      SE23A913 (SE23A913/06)

      S3443B0 (S3443B0/17)

      SGE09A15 (SGE09A15/22)

      SE23A913 (SE23A913/07)

      S3443G0 (S3443G0/12)

      SGI3000 (SGI3000/28)

      SE23A913 (SE23A913/08)

      S3443G0 (S3443G0/13)

      SGI3002 (SGI3002/31)

      SE23A930 (SE23A930/01)

      S3443N0 (S3443N0/17)

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      S3443W0 (S3443W0/12)

      SGI3006 (SGI3006/28)

      SE24261DK (SE24261DK/04)

      S3443W0 (S3443W0/13)

      SGI3312 (SGI3312/43)

      SE24630 (SE24630/04)

      S3443W1 (S3443W1/17)

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      S4430B0 (S4430B0/14)

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      S4430B1 (S4430B1/12)

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      SGI33A12 (SGI33A12/43)

      SE24A234EU (SE24A234EU/07)

      S4430G0 (S4430G0/07)

      SGI33A14 (SGI33A14/43)

      SE24A234EU (SE24A234EU/08)

      S4430G0 (S4430G0/12)

      SGI33A15 (SGI33A15/35)

      SE24A237EE (SE24A237EE/01)

      S4430G0 (S4430G0/13)

      SGI33A16 (SGI33A16/43)

      SE24A237EE (SE24A237EE/15)

      S4430G0 (S4430G0/14)

      SGI4010 (SGI4010/15)

      SE24A237EE (SE24A237EE/16)

      S4430N0 (S4430N0/01)

      SGI4010 (SGI4010/31)

      SE24A237EE (SE24A237EE/17)

      S4430N0 (S4430N0/07)

      SGI4012 (SGI4012/15)

      SE24A237EE (SE24A237EE/99)

      S4430N0 (S4430N0/12)

      SGI4012 (SGI4012/31)

      SE24A238EE (SE24A238EE/01)

      S4430N0 (S4430N0/13)

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      SE24A238EE (SE24A238EE/15)

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      S4430N1 (S4430N1/12)

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      S4430S0 (S4430S0/07)

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      S4430S0 (S4430S0/12)

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      S4430S0 (S4430S0/13)

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      S4430S1 (S4430S1/12)

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      S4430W0 (S4430W0/01)

      SGI43A44 (SGI43A44/44)

      SE24A663EU (SE24A663EU/43)

      S4430W0 (S4430W0/07)

      SGI43A45 (SGI43A45/44)

      SE24A663EU (SE24A663EU/45)

      S4430W0 (S4430W0/12)

      SGI43A46 (SGI43A46/44)

      SE24A663EU (SE24A663EU/47)

      S4430W0 (S4430W0/13)

      SGI43A55AU (SGI43A55AU/43)

      SE24A910 (SE24A910/06)

      S4430W0 (S4430W0/14)

      SGI43A55AU (SGI43A55AU/45)

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      S4430W1 (S4430W1/12)

      SGI43A65 (SGI43A65/07)

      SE24M252EU (SE24M252EU/35)

      S4431B0GB (S4431B0GB/07)

      SGI43A65 (SGI43A65/08)

      SE24M272EU (SE24M272EU/17)

      S4431B0GB (S4431B0GB/12)

      SGI43A86 (SGI43A86/35)

      SE25231FF (SE25231FF/04)

      S4431B0GB (S4431B0GB/13)

      SGI43A86 (SGI43A86/44)

      SE25231FF (SE25231FF/07)

      S4431B0GB (S4431B0GB/20)

      SGI4662EU (SGI4662EU/26)

      SE25231FF (SE25231FF/09)

      S4431W0GB (S4431W0GB/07)

      SGI4662EU (SGI4662EU/29)

      SE25234 (SE25234/04)

      S4431W0GB (S4431W0GB/12)

      SGI4665EU (SGI4665EU/26)

      SE25234 (SE25234/09)

      S4431W0GB (S4431W0GB/13)

      SGI4665EU (SGI4665EU/29)

      SE25238EP (SE25238EP/14)

      S4431W0GB (S4431W0GB/20)

      SGI4666EU (SGI4666EU/26)

      SE25238EP (SE25238EP/15)

      S4441X0 (S4441X0/12)

      SGI4666EU (SGI4666EU/29)

      SE25238EP (SE25238EP/17)

      S4443B0 (S4443B0/12)

      SGI4690 (SGI4690/22)

      SE25244 (SE25244/41)

      S4443B1 (S4443B1/17)

      SGI4692 (SGI4692/22)

      SE25294 (SE25294/21)

      S4443G0 (S4443G0/12)

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      SE25294FF (SE25294FF/21)

      S4443G0 (S4443G0/13)

      SGI4695 (SGI4695/17)

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      S4443N0 (S4443N0/12)

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      S4443N0 (S4443N0/13)

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      S4443N1 (S4443N1/17)

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      S4446W0 (S4446W0/22)

      SGI5330 (SGI5330/17)

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      S4449G0RK (S4449G0RK/07)

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      SGI53A52EU (SGI53A52EU/08)

      SE25A237FF (SE25A237FF/16)

      S4449N0 (S4449N0/06)

      SGI53A55EU (SGI53A55EU/01)

      SE25A238EP (SE25A238EP/01)

      S4449N0 (S4449N0/07)

      SGI53A55EU (SGI53A55EU/08)

      SE25A238EP (SE25A238EP/16)

      S4449N0 (S4449N0/11)

      SGI53A56EU (SGI53A56EU/08)

      SE25A263 (SE25A263/42)





Whirlpool: SF2WHE2EU ADP530WS ...


Type: Dish Washer Parts

Siemens: E20590 HiSense, SE20293 HiSense, SE20790GB HiSense, SE20592 HiSense, SE20291 HiSense, SE20292 HiSense, SB34231SK, SE20290 HiSense, SE20790 HiSense, SE20591 HiSense, SE20592GB HiSense, 3SE24M850EU ...

Privileg: SE5QUE0, SE2QUE0 ...

Origin: TR(Origin)

Model Number: 00263789

Kleenmaid: SL5KLH1AU ...

Junker: JS14VN90 ...

Imperial: GSI8261 ...

Ikea: SF6IKE1CH DWF447W ...

Ic Medical: ET-30, ET-20 ...

Hanseatic: SE2HNA2 Art. 409/436 ...

Gorenje: SE2GNE1 ...

Gaggenau: DF240160, DF240140

De Dietrich: SGVDDE1FF VZ9736E1

Cylinda: SRUCYE01SK ...

Crolls: 6VE944B VE944 ...

Constructa: CG330J4, CG330J5, CG330J2 ...


Bosch: SGD55E02CH, SGD47M06II, SGD55M04EU, SGD55E05EU, SGD45M06II, SGD45M08II, B1STA4319R, SGD45E15EU, SGD55E14EU, SGD45M22EU, SGD55E04EU, SGD45E05EU, SGD45M02II, SGD55E02EU, SGD55E12EU, SGD55M02EU, B1STA4319B ...

Balay: 3VB351XD, 3VB480A, 3VB350ID ...

Atag: SGIATA1 VA320J5U ...

Alpro Medical: ATS-110 ...



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