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Bosch Multi-Functional Fridge Freezer Door Handle - Versatile Compatibility with 00096110, 00264841, 00261915 Codes

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Bosch Fridge Freezer Door Handle - 00096110

The Bosch Fridge Freezer Door Handle - 00096110 holds an essential position in the grand scheme of household appliances. Not just a handle, but also functioning as a door cover strip, it takes a key role in the look and feel of your kitchen, while offering practical and ergonomic use.

Functionality and Design

This product has been designed to be used horizontally at the top or bottom of the front door. This smart positioning allows for the perfect balance between design aesthetics and functional usage. Additionally, the product dimensions of 25.8 x 19.4 x 2.6 cm make it a perfect fit for various Bosch fridge models, enhancing its versatility.

Compatibility and Original Codes

The Bosch Fridge Freezer Door Handle - 00096110 carries multiple original codes, specifically 00096110, 00264841, and 00261915, thereby increasing its compatibility range. This multiplicity of codes signifies its adaptability with various fridge models, assuring the buyer of its fit and utility with their specific Bosch fridge model.


This specific code identifies the handle's uniqueness in terms of its design and features. It signifies its compatibility with certain fridge models, enabling users to make an informed decision about the compatibility of their Bosch fridge model with this handle.


The 00264841 code designates the handle's production series and associated features. This particular code assists in identifying its compatibility with specific Bosch fridge models, ensuring that the handle will fit seamlessly into the intended model without any adjustments or modifications needed.


The 00261915 code refers to a production batch of the handle, providing an additional layer of identification for compatibility with certain fridge models. This code adds another dimension to the handle's broad compatibility range.

Product Classification

Classified as a compatible product, the Bosch Fridge Freezer Door Handle - 00096110 can be interchangeably used with several Bosch fridge models. This compatibility feature assures users that the handle will be a perfect fit for their fridge, irrespective of the model number, ensuring an effortless installation process and subsequent usage.

A Final Word

When it comes to Bosch appliances, quality is a given, and the Bosch Fridge Freezer Door Handle - 00096110 is no exception. With its dual functionality as a door handle and cover strip, and its broad compatibility range, it is an essential component of any Bosch fridge. Its design, utility, and adaptability truly sets it apart, making it a crucial element in the overall aesthetic and functional experience of your Bosch fridge.


Type: Refrigerator Parts


Product Code:: 00096110 - 00264841 - 00261915

Product Classification:: Compatible product

Package Dimensions: ‎25.8 x 19.4 x 2.6 cm

Origin: TR(Origin)

Model Number: 00096110

Foron :: KT5FNJ1, KT3FNG1, KT5FNG2, GS4FNA1

Compatible Brands:: Bosch, Privileg, Siemens


Bosch :: KSF3201, KGE7004, KGE3614IE, KGV3173NL, KGS3272FF, KKU3301TR, KKE3452, KKU3301GB, KGE3614, KGE3690IE, KKU2901, KGE3414GB, KGE3414, KGV2603, KSV2499, KSV2421CH, KKE3601, KKU3301, KSV7021, KSV2421GB, KGV2421GB, KSV3302IE, KKU3301IE, KSV2821, KSV2821GB, KSV2831, KGU3101, KGU3200, KSV3302EU, KSV2652, KGE3595, KGV3103, KGS3772GB, KGS3870IE, KGS3272, KGS3272IE, KGE7006, KGV2673NL, KGV3603SD, KGV3104GB, KSV2021GB, KSV2021, KSV2421, KSV2020GB, KGU3200GB, KGE3616IE, KGV2821, KGS3001EU, KGS3098, KGS3001GB, KGS3001, KGU2901GB, KKE3401, KGF3700, KGV3104, KGE3116CH, KGE3116, KGU3102GB, KGV2604, KGV2604IE, KKE3601IE, KSV2803, KSV2403IE, KSV2413IE, KSV2420, KGV2604CH, KSV2502EU, KSV2802GB, KSV2802IE, KGE3416GB, KSV2402, KGV7006, KGF3700NL, KGV3604IE, KGE3114, KGE2614, KGE2614CH, KGV2820GB, KGV2400, KGV2800, KGE3624RC, KGE3114IE, KSV2499IE, KSV2803IE, KGV3604EU, KSV2813IE, KGS3772II, KSV2820, KSV2820GB, KSV7020, KSV2003, KSV2420GB, KGV2420, KGV2420GB, KGE2614IE, KGU2901, KGE7010SD, KKE7001, KKE2601, KGS3800IE, KGV2821GB, KGS3272GB, KGV2421, KKU2901GB, KGV2604GB, KGV3604SD, KGV3174NL, KGE3001EU, KSV2802, KGS3830IE, KGS3772IE, KGV3604CH, KGV7272NL, KGE3114CH, KGV3604, KGE3501EU, KSV2403, KGV2820, KSV2420CH, KGS3772, KSV3130CH, KSV2630GB, KGE3301, KGS3000EU, KGE3301GB, KGE3130, KGE3501SD, KSV2623, KGE3196, KGS3000, KGS3500EU, KSV3123, KGE3501GB, KDF3200GB, KGE2615, KSV2630IE, KGS3500GB, KGE3616, KGE3415, KSV2630EU, KGE2615CH, KSV3130EU, KGS3500, KSV2630CH, KKE3101, KGE3615, KSV3123CH, KGU3201GB, KGE3301SD, KGE3001, KGE3416, KGU3201, KGE3001SD, KGS3000GB, KSV3130GB, KGE3501, KGE3615IE, KSV3130IE, KDF3200, KGE2615IE, KDF7000, KGE2501, KSF3200, KGE3115CH, KGE3501IE, KGE3115, KGE3624TC, KGE7005


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