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Blender Knife Blade for Bosch Siemens Food Processors - 00615742, 00629985, 00622034, ZHB1620W/01, MFQ4030, MFQ4080

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Premium Bosch Siemens Blender Knife Blade: The Ultimate Performance Upgrade for Your Food Processor

Superior-Quality Blender Knife Blade

Optimize your culinary creations with the premium Blender Knife Blade for Bosch Siemens Food Processors. It's a premium accessory designed to fit seamlessly with select models of Bosch Siemens Food Processors. We offer you superior quality, durability, and improved performance, ensuring your cooking experience is second to none.

Exceptional Compatibility

The Blender Knife Blade is suitable for a range of Bosch Siemens models including MFQ4030, MFQ4080, MFQ4080/01, MFQ4080/02, and MFQ4850/02. This extensive compatibility ensures that no matter the model of your Bosch Siemens Food Processor, there's a high likelihood that this blade is an ideal match for your appliance.


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graph LR A[Blender Knife Blade] -- Highly compatible with --> B[MFQ4030] A -- Highly compatible with --> C[MFQ4080] A -- Highly compatible with --> D[MFQ4080/01] A -- Highly compatible with --> E[MFQ4080/02] A -- Highly compatible with --> F[MFQ4850/02]

Unmatched Efficiency and Durability

The Blender Knife Blade is more than just a spare part—it's a performance booster. This blade is made from top-tier materials, ensuring it lasts longer and outperforms the competition. It delivers a cutting-edge blend of strength and finesse, offering unparalleled efficiency and durability.

Easily Replaceable

The Blender Knife Blade comes with the product codes 00615742, 00629985, and 00622034. You can easily find these codes on your appliance or in your user manual. This makes identifying and purchasing the correct blade for your Bosch Siemens Food Processor a breeze.


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graph TB A[Blender Knife Blade] -- Identified by --> B[Product Code 00615742] A -- Identified by --> C[Product Code 00629985] A -- Identified by --> D[Product Code 00622034]

The Ozba Spare Parts Promise

As your trusted spare parts store, Ozba guarantees genuine Bosch Siemens products that maintain the integrity and performance of your kitchen appliances. We are committed to providing you with the best in customer service and product quality.

In Summary

Upgrading your Bosch Siemens Food Processor with a high-quality Blender Knife Blade can elevate your culinary journey to new heights. With extensive compatibility and exceptional durability, the Blender Knife Blade is the ultimate choice for those who demand excellence from their kitchen appliances.

The Ozba Spare Parts store is your one-stop destination for authentic Bosch Siemens kitchen appliance parts. Visit our store and explore our range of top-quality products designed to enhance the performance of your Bosch Siemens appliances.

Improve your culinary experience with our Bosch Siemens Blender Knife Blade—experience the difference today!

Bosch Siemens Blender Knife Blade - High-Performance, Durable Food Processor Accessory Compatible with MFQ4030, MFQ4080 Series - Genuine Spare Part from Ozba Store (Product Codes: 00615742, 00629985, 00622034)



Type: Blender Parts


Origin: TR(Origin)

Old product code:: 00629985 00622034

Model Number: 00615742

Compatible models:

MFQ4030, MFQ4080, MFQ4080/01, MFQ4080/02, MFQ4850/02, MFQM5504CN/02, MFZ4050(00), MS8CM6160/01, MS8CM6160G/01, MSM7160/01, MSM7300/01, MSM7500/01, MSM7501/01, MSM7502/01, MSM7700/01, MSM7700/02, MSM7700AU/01, MSM7700AU/02, MSM7700GB/01, MSM7700GB/02, MSM87140/01, MSM87145/01, MSM87160/01, MSM87165/01, MSM87180/01, MSM88160/01, MSM88160GB/01, ZHB1604W/01, ZHB1620W/01


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