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Aube de tambour Bosch 00669833

Обычная цена 15.00 Российский Рубль
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EAN: 3664061006547


Washing Machine Drum Paddle - 00669833

Product Classification: Compatible

With this new replacement drum puddle for the washing machine, you will get your device back to its top form. Now, your washing machine can spark water to dirty clothes properly. This product is suitable for many models fixed below. Please, check your device int the list of suitable models before purchase.

Product Dimensions:
  • Length: 213 mm
  • Width: 55 mm
  • Height: 43 mm
  • Number of holes: 9 unit
  • Material: Plastic

Suitable Models:

Balay: 3TS865E, 3TS949A, 3TS853, 3TS50800MY, 3TS949B, 3TS853E, 3TS864B, 3TS60107, 3TS959B, 3TS853B, 3TS865EE, 3TS863E, 3TS866EE, 3TS864E, 3TS50105A, 3TS764BE, 3TS866E, 3TS864BC, 3TS766BE

Bosch: WAA16163PL, WAB2026QPL, WAB20261II, WAA16161OE, WAB20071CE, WAB20061BY, WAB24264PL, WAA2416KPL, WAA24161, WAB16262TR, WAB28162GB, WAB2028SPL, WAB28222, WAB28270, WAB28210FF, WAB24161GB, WAB20262BY, WAA24163PL, WAB24260SN, WAB16160IN, WAB28161FG, WAA16161BC, WAA16166ME, WAA20182CE, WAA16163BY, WAB16060BY, WAB16061ME, WAB24260GB, WAB2026SZA, WAB24060, WAA24161FN, WAB16260TR, WAA28161, WAB2026PPL, WAB20260ME, WAB20260BY, WAB24272CE, WAA28165GB, WAB202S1TR, WAB28262FG, WAB20060SN, WAB28220, WAB24266EE, WAB2007KPL, WAB16263TR, WAB2026SME, WAA24163SN, WAA28166NN, WAB20060II, WAB2026FPL, WAB28161GB, WAB282H2, WAB28261FG, WAB2028FPL, WAA24162SN, WAA24161PL, WAB24166SN, WAB2021JPL, WAA16165ME, WAA12161II, WAA12162II, WAA12165ME, WAB24260GR, WAA28167GB, WAA20165ME, WAA24161BY, WAA2011GTR, WAB16060TR, WAB2028KPL, WAA281E0SN, WAA20181CE, WAB16261IN, WAB12060BY, WAA20162SN, WAB24060BY, WAB282A1CH, WAA28161SN, WAB282V0, WAA2011STR, WAA28160BE, WAA2426KBY, WAB24262BY, WAB16061TR, WAB2026YPL, WAA20170CE, WAA281E1SN, WAB280K0NL, WAB24262PL, WAA16160TR, WAA20161PL, WAB20066EE, WAA20162OE, WAA20162PL, WAA20162BY, WAB20061GR, WAB16060IL, WAB16260ME, WAA20160II, WAA20161OE, WAB282ECO, WAA24272CE, WAB2428SCE, WAA24120BE, WAA24167GB, WAB20264TR, WAB16063PL, WAB282V1, WAB2426PPL, WAA16161TR, WAB2006SBC, WAA2417KPL, WAA12163BY, WAB24262GB, WAB2027SME, WAB282A2CH, WAB28262NL, WAB20060BY, WAA24161SN, WAB12060TR, WAB28296SN, WAB28160NL, WAA20163SN, WAB28260FG, WAA20161TR, WAA12165SG, WAB20264PL, WAB202S2TR, WAB20266EE, WAB20262ME, WAB20063PL, WAB16071CE, WAB20260TR, WAA24162BY, WAA16171CE, WAB2026SPL, WAB28061GB, WAA2016SBC, WAB28260GB, WAA24162PL, WAA12160II, WAA28162, WAA20163PL, WAA20161II, WAB24063PL, WAB28221, WAB16060IN, WAA24271CE, WAB282MK, WAB16060ME, WAA28120, WAB28060, WAB282E0SN, WAA16110TR, WAB28261GB, WAB202S0TR, WAA20262PL, WAB20060EE, WAA12160TR, WAB20262TR, WAA28261FG, WAA2427SCE, WAB28060GB, WAB28280, WAA24169GB, WAA28162FN, WAB24220, WAA20162II, WAA20272CE, WAA2016KBY, WAA20161BY, WAA20163II, WAA12161BY, WAA16161BY, WAA16161PL, WAA28162SN, WAB20060IL, WAB16260IL, WAA28160FN, WAA20110AR, WAA24162GB, WAA24162, WAA20171CE, WAA24163BY, WAA12161TR, WAB28F21CH, WAA28163FN, WAB20272CE, WAA16162BY, WAB20260GC, WAA20271CE, WAA16161II, WAA20161SN, WAA20166ME, WAB28211FF, WAB16212TR, WAA28163SN, WAB24210FF, WAA12162BY, WAB20064PL, WAA12161BC, WAB16010TR, WAA20165GC, WAB2026KPL, WAA20160TR, WAB24260EE, WAB28F22CH, WAA16162OE, WAA16163II, WAA2028JPL, WAA28261NL, WAB28060FG, WAB202S1ME, WAB16210TR, WAB16060II, WAB28266SN, WAB2028JPL, WAB24211FF, WAB24261EE, WAA24261NL, WAB24263PL, WAB24060SN, WAB20260EE, WAA12166SG, WAB2027KPL, WAB12061TR, WAB28220CH, WAA16170CE, WAA28168GB, WAB2026SKE, WAB28260NL, WAB28261NL, WAA20113EE, WAB282H1, WAB20267IN, WAB28260SN, WAB2027FPL, WAB2026TPL, WAB282H0, WAA28161FN, WAB22066EE, WAB20260IL, WAB20261EE, WAB20268ZA, WAB16161IN, WAA28222CH, WAB2029JPL, WAB20262PL, WAA20167ME, WAA20112EE, WAB24060GB, WAA24160FN, WAB28060NL, WAB20261BY, WAA16111TR, WAB20082CE, WAB16262ME, WAA24262PL, WAA16160II, WAB24260BY, WAB20060GR, WAB202S2ME, WAA16162II, WAB282G0, WAB282E1SN, WAB24262SN, WAB16261ME, WAA24120, WAB16260IN, WAB20261ME, WAB202S2IR, WAA247MFN, WAA20262BY, WAB20060GC, WAA28161GB, WAB24260IL, WAA2428SCE, WAA24270GB, WAB24066EE, WAB24261SN, WAB20261TR, WAB20263PL, WAA24166GB, WAA28166GB, WAB20268IN, WAB20260GR, WAB16261TR, WAB16211TR, WAA28222, WAB1606SZA, WAB20260II, WAB24261BY, WAB2027SPL, WAB20262IR, WAA2028SBY, WAB28261SN, WAB2026APL, WAB16061IN, WAB282HE, WAB282B6SN, WAB16061ZA, WAB20262UA, WAB24262UA, WAB281C0CH.

Constructa: CWF08B00IL, CWF06A11IL, CWF14B10, CWF13B12, CWF08B20IL, CWF06A12IL, CWF08A11IL, CWF10A11, CWF10A12, CWF14B00NL, CWF14B20, CWF14A22, CWF14A10BE, CWF12A10BE, CWF10B21IL, CWF10B20IL, CWF14B21NL, CWF08A12IL, CWF11B12, CWF14B21, CWF14A12, CWF12A11, CWF12A12, CWF10A13IL, CWF13B11, CWF11B11, CWF10B10, CWF14A11, CWF12B00NL, CWF12B10.

Koenic: KWF51206, WFB12011, 1KWF61427, KWF51415, KWF51416, 1KWF61418, KWF51205OE, KWF61427, KWF51205, WFB14021, 1KWF61217, 1KWF61418C.

Pitsos: WXP800B5, WXP802C6, WFA800B5, WXP803C6, WXP1000C6, WXP1001C6, WXP1003C6, WXP1200C6, WXP801B5.

Profilo: CM0820KTR, CM08020LTR, CM1021KTR, CM0601KTR, CM0921KGTR, CM1020KTR, CM1000KTR, CM1002LTR, CM0920KGTR, CM0821KTR, CM1001LTR, CM0603KTR, CM0600KTR, CM1000LTR, CM1021LTR, CM1020LTR, CM0803KTR, CM0801KTR, CM08000LTR, CM1001KTR, CM08001LTR, CM08021LTR, CM0800KTR, CM08002LTR, CM0804KTR, CM1003LTR, CM1022LTR.

Siemens: WM08B060IN, WM10B26SIN, WM08A161BC, WM12A162PL, WM10B260EE, WM08B060TR, WM08A162BY, WM12A16HBY, WM14A163DN, WM14B262NL, WM06A066HK, WM06A161TR, WM14B220, WM12B166DN, WM10B260IL, WM14B2D1CH, WM10B2S1ME, WM06A160TR, WM08A165ME, WM08A111TR, WM06B061TR, WM12B260CY, WM10B262BY, WM12A160FN, WM12A161SN, WM14B060, WM10B060BY, WM14B211FF, WM12B180GB, WM14A2G1, WM08B260TR, WM14B262DN, WM12A161, WM08B262TR, WM14B0M0, WM10B260TR, WM14A162, WM10A163BY, WM12A060IN, WM14B2E2, WM08B060BY, WM12A170FN, WM10A163DN, WM10A161SN, WM12B060BY, WM14A121, WM08A065HK, WM12A162, WM10A165ME, WM08B060HK, WM14A222, WM10B060DN, WM08B060GR, WM10A161BY, WM10A163PL, WM08A163BY, WM06B060TR, WM12B220, WM14A161, WM12B211FF, WM10B060GC, WM14A160FN, WM10A162DN, WM12B260GR, WM12A161BY, WM12B060DN, WM14B2G2, WM10A166GC, WM14B281, WM06A161BC, WM12A17HBY, WM06B060HK, WM12A120FN, WM14A1M0, WM14B2G1, WM10B262PL, WM08A110TR, WM12A162DN, WM12B262PL, WM10B27APL, WM10A060IN, WM08B060II, WM10B2S0TR, WM14B210FF, WM14A223, WM10B260ME, WM10B28RPL, WM14B2V0, WM08B261IN, WM14B222, WM07A065HK, WM12B260IL, WM12A163DN, WM10B260GC, WM10B060GR, WM08B262ME, WM14A161FN, WM08A161II, WM14B261NL, WM12B060, WM14B2ECO, WM14B2H2, WM14B296DN, WM08A166ME, WM12B27APL, WM14A161SN, WM10B263TR, WM12B263PL, WM08A160TR, WM07A165IN, WM10B262TR, WM10B063PL, WM12A262PL, WM10A11STR, WM13B062CH, WM14A163, WM10A166ME, WM06A065HK, WM08A161BY, WM06A160BC, WM14A2G0, WM10A262BY, WM14B221, WM14A261NL, WM08A161TR, WM12A27MBY, WM10B06RPL, WM12B260EE, WM14B2H1, WM10A11GTR, WM14B2MSAT, WM10B27RPL, WM10B262ME, WM14A162DN, WM10B260GR, WM12B28APL, WM10B2S2ME, WM12A163, WM10B221II, WM10B2S0ME, WM08A160II, WM14B2G2NL, WM10A165IN, WM14B2E1, WM14B2G0, WM08A163II, WM14A162CH, WM08B260IN, WM10A162BY, WM12A161FN, WM10B2S2TR, WM08B261TR, WM14B260DN, WM10A110TR, WM10B261BY, WM08B260ME, WM10B268IN, WM14B2M1, WM10B263PL, WM14B280, WM14B260NL, WM10B261ME, WM14B286ES, WM14B261DN, WM12B260DN, WM10B261TR, WM10B2S1TR, WM14B2M2, WM14B060CH, WM14A120FN, WM08B261ME, WM12A222, WM10B260BY, WM10B28APL, WM12B262DN, WM14B276ES, WM10B220II, WM13B061CH, WM12B261DN, WM14B2S6DN.

Viva: WFV14B21FF, WFV12A00FF, WFV12A01FF, WFV14B20FF, WFV14A20FF.

Identificador de producto del fabricante: 00669833

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