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3406159 3406098 High-Quality Bosch & Siemens 1950W Thermowatt Heating Element: Efficient and Long-lasting Washing Machine Part in 244mm Size

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Top-Notch Bosch & Siemens 1950W Thermowatt Heating Element for Washing Machines – A Class Above in 244mm Size

Introduction: Elevating Washing Machine Performance with High-End Parts

Excellence in home appliances begins with exceptional components. Our focal point today, the Bosch & Siemens 1950W Thermowatt Heating Element for Washing Machines, embodies this truth. An instrumental part of a washing machine, this Thermowatt Heating Element dramatically enhances the efficiency and durability of your device.

The Paramount Choice: Thermowatt Heating Element

Choosing the right washing machine parts is vital in maintaining optimal functionality. Here, we present the Bosch & Siemens 1950W Thermowatt Heating Element, a top-tier washing machine part that comes with the promise of longevity, performance, and compatibility.

Essential Specifications of the Bosch & Siemens 1950W Thermowatt Heating Element

When considering any component, understanding its key specifications is vital. The Thermowatt Heating Element comes with a set of distinctive specifications that set it apart from others:


Why Bosch & Siemens 1950W Thermowatt Heating Element Stands Out

Let's delve into why this 244mm size Thermowatt Heating Element is a superior choice for your washing machine:

Unmatched Power: 1950W Heating Capacity

With its remarkable 1950W heating capacity, the Thermowatt Heating Element ensures rapid water heating, reducing your washing cycle times. The faster heating ability translates to less power consumption, making your washing machine more energy-efficient.

Universally Compatible

This Heating Element's wide compatibility makes it a perfect fit for several reputable brands such as Balay, Bosch, Neff, Profilo, and Siemens. Its compatibility simplifies the selection process for you, providing a universally fitting, high-quality part for various models.

Origin and Quality: Turkish Excellence

Originating from Turkey, a nation renowned for its quality appliance manufacturing, the Thermowatt Heating Element adheres to strict quality standards. The 'TR(Origin)' label is a mark of superior workmanship that ensures your part will stand the test of time.

Trustworthy Source: OZBA Spare Parts Store

When investing in a crucial component such as a Heating Element, you need a reliable source. The OZBA Spare Parts Store is a trusted brand name that assures original, high-quality washing machine parts.

Conclusion: The Power to Transform Your Washing Machine Performance

Opting for the Bosch & Siemens 1950W Thermowatt Heating Element, you invest in enhanced washing machine performance, cost-efficiency, and the longevity of your appliance. This is a prime example of a washing machine part that does more than merely fill a space in your machine; it pushes the boundaries of what your washing machine can achieve.

We hope this comprehensive guide serves as a valuable resource in understanding the incredible value the Bosch & Siemens 1950W Thermowatt Heating Element can add to your washing machine.

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Type: Washing Machine Parts


Product Code: 3406159-3406098

Product Classification:: Compatible product(s)

Origin: TR(Origin)

Compatible Brands:: Balay, Bosch, Neff, Profilo, Siemens

Brand Name: OZBA


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