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205X483 Cooker Hood Filter 20,5 X 48,3 cm Range Hood Grease Filter Kitchen Extractor Aluminium 205 X 483

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205X483 Cooker Hood Filter: The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Air Purity

When it comes to maintaining a clean and odor-free kitchen, the importance of a high-quality cooker hood filter cannot be overstated. The 205X483 Cooker Hood Filter from OZBA Spare Parts Store is a prime example of a product that promises to deliver exceptional performance in keeping your kitchen air clean. Let's delve deeper into the features and benefits of this product.

Why Choose the 205X483 Cooker Hood Filter?

The 205X483 Cooker Hood Filter is not just any ordinary filter. It's a meticulously designed range hood grease filter that ensures maximum grease and odor extraction. Made of durable aluminium, this filter is designed to last, providing consistent performance over time.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: The filter measures 20.5 cm in width and 48.3 cm in length, making it suitable for a variety of cooker hoods.
  • Material: Made of high-quality aluminium, it promises durability and efficient grease trapping.
  • Design: It comes with two metal tabs on the back for easy installation and removal.
  • Packaging: The product is shipped as a single piece, ensuring that you get a complete, undamaged item every time you order.
  • Measurement Checks: Before placing an order, it's crucial to check the length measurements to ensure compatibility with your cooker hood.

Importance of Regularly Replacing Your Cooker Hood Filter

A cooker hood filter plays a pivotal role in trapping grease and preventing it from settling on your kitchen surfaces. Over time, the accumulated grease can reduce the filter's efficiency, making it essential to replace it regularly. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Improved Air Quality: A clean filter ensures better air circulation and efficient removal of odors and grease particles.
  2. Enhanced Performance: Regular replacement ensures that your cooker hood operates at its optimal capacity.
  3. Safety: Accumulated grease can be a fire hazard. Replacing the filter reduces this risk.

How to Replace Your Cooker Hood Filter

Replacing a cooker hood filter is a straightforward process. For a detailed guide, you can refer to this video tutorial by Indesit that explains the process step by step. Additionally, Hotpoint's guide on changing carbon filters in cooker hoods provides valuable insights.

Where to Buy the 205X483 Cooker Hood Filter?

The 205X483 Cooker Hood Filter is available for purchase at the OZBA Spare Parts Store. For international customers or those looking for alternative purchasing options, the product is also listed on AliExpress.

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The 205X483 Cooker Hood Filter is an essential addition to any kitchen, ensuring a clean and odor-free cooking environment. With its durable construction and efficient design, it promises to offer value for money. Ensure you replace your filter regularly to maintain optimal kitchen air quality and safety. Remember, a clean kitchen is a happy kitchen!






Origin: TR(Origin)

Model Number: 205 X 483

Type: Range Hood Parts


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