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13$ - Premium 5-Layer Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags for Philips S-Bag, AEG, Tornado, Volta & Electrolux - Pack of 8

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Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bag (8 pcs) For Philips S-Bag Classic Long Performance, AEG, Tornado, Volta and Electrolux

Vacuum cleaners, the saviors of our households from dust and dirt, have one essential component that often gets overlooked - the dust bag. This seemingly simple component is a significant determinant of the machine's performance. When we talk about quality and efficient vacuum cleaner dust bags, the ones designed for Philips S-Bag Classic Long Performance, AEG, Tornado, Volta, and Electrolux stand out.

Why Choose These Dust Bags?

When you invest in a vacuum cleaner, it's essential to ensure that all its components, including the dust bag, are of the highest quality. The dust bags suitable for Philips, AEG, Tornado, Volta, and Electrolux group have several advantages.

Unparalleled Filtration

With 5 layers of filtration, these dust bags ensure that even the minutest of dust particles are captured. This is not just beneficial for cleaning but is also essential for those who suffer from allergies.

Maximum Capacity

Each box contains 4 dust bags, allowing for extended use without the need for frequent replacements. This not only makes the cleaning process smoother but also is cost-effective in the long run.


Designed for a range of vacuum cleaners including Philips S-Bag Classic Long Performance, AEG, Tornado, Volta, and Electrolux, these bags ensure a snug fit, eliminating the chances of any dust leakage.

Features That Make Them Stand Out

Robust Build

The 5-layer design not only aids in efficient filtration but also ensures the bag's durability. These bags can handle more dirt without getting torn or damaged.

Easy Installation

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time figuring out how to fit a dust bag. These bags are designed for easy installation, ensuring that you spend more time cleaning and less time fidgeting with the bag.


Made with materials that are environmentally friendly, these dust bags don’t contribute to pollution, ensuring a cleaner and greener planet.

Buying from OZBA Spare Parts Store

OZBA Spare parts store is your one-stop solution for high-quality vacuum cleaner components. With a reputation for delivering authentic and long-lasting products, this store guarantees satisfaction.

Authentic Products

When you buy from OZBA, you are assured of genuine products. Each 2 pcs pack, which totals to 8 dust bags, ensures that you have a reliable product that delivers optimum performance.

Quick Delivery

OZBA understands the urgency when it comes to replacing a vital component like the dust bag. Hence, they ensure speedy deliveries so that your cleaning routine is not disrupted.

Customer Support

A dedicated customer support team ensures that all your queries and concerns are addressed promptly.


In a world where clean homes are synonymous with health and well-being, having a reliable vacuum cleaner is crucial. And the heart of this machine, the dust bag, plays a pivotal role in ensuring its effectiveness. By choosing the dust bags suitable for Philips, AEG, Tornado, Volta, and Electrolux, available at the OZBA Spare parts store, you are investing in quality, durability, and efficiency. With features that are unparalleled and benefits that are numerous, these dust bags are indeed the best choice for your vacuum cleaner.


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