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00431222 Фильтр вытяжки 250x300 мм 25x30 см 9189387004

Обычная цена 600.00 Российский Рубль
Обычная цена 800.00 Российский Рубль Цена со скидкой 600.00 Российский Рубль
Распродажа Продано
Сумма налога включена. Стоимость доставки рассчитывается при оформлении заказа.

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00431222 Фильтр вытяжки 250x300 мм. Вытяжка. Вытяжка масляного фильтра. Аспиратор Жировой фильтр. Кухонная вытяжка 25x30 см. 9189387004


Металлический жироулавливающий фильтр вытяжки — 00431222

Информация о продукте:

Этот металлический жироулавливающий фильтр вытяжки подходит для различных марок и моделей.

Код Бош: 00431222

Код Арселика: 9189387004

Размеры: 300x250 мм.

Перед заказом проверьте совместимость и размеры.

Подходящие модели:

Arcelik: P 25 PMI, P 27 B, P 27 BR, P 27 I, P 27 S, P 27 SR, P 27 YB, P 27 YI, P 27 YS, P 30, P 30 YEI, P 30 YES, P 30 YI, P 31 IMB, P 32 B, P 32, P 32 I, P 32 S, P 37 YEI, P 37 YI, P 67, P 70, P 81, P 85.

Beko: ADP 61420 B, ADP 61420 I, ADP 61420 S, ADV 5150 B, ADV 5150, ADV 5150 S, ADV 5170 I, ADV 5250, ADV 5300, ADV 5420 IP, ADV 6510 EI, ADV 6510 I, ADV 9510 EI, ADV 9510 I, ADV 9890 EI, CWB 6441 BR.

Blomberg: DKC 2020L, DKC 2060X, DKC 5020X, DKC 5060X, DKL 2010XTR, DKP 2021XTR.

Bosch: DWG66CD50Z, DWG66CD20T, DWG66CD60T, DWG66CD50T, DWK096751B, DIB09D651V, DKE615Q, DWK096751, DKE615A, DKE995T, DKE915A, DKE915Q.

Electrolux: EFT520B, EFT520W, EFT620B, EFT620W, EFC9530X, EFC9540U, EFC6540U, EFC9526X, EFC6540X, EFC6536X, EFC 935 X, EFC9506X, EFC90505X, EFC9500X, EFC9541X, EFC9536X, EFCR950X, EFC9515, EFC7540X, EFC90531X, EFCR950U, EFCR956X, EFC 635 X, EFC6536U, EFC9505X, EFC9515K, EFC 935 X A, EFCR653X, EFC 635 X A, EFCR953A, EFC90905X, EFCR952X, EFCR653U, EFCR653A, EFCR953X, EFC9506U, EFA90540X, EFC1540X, EFC9540X, EFC90001K, EFC90001W, EFC70710X, EFCR953U, EFA90531X, EFA12545X, EFA90245X, EFC60001W, EFC70001X, EFC9505K, EFC60001K, EFC90245X, EFC90345X, EFC60001X, EFC90461OX, EFC90460OX, EFC92380OX, EFC90001X, EFC90445X, EFC912X, EFC9515X, EFA12540X, EFCR955X, EFC9566X, EFC9536U, EFC90904X, EFC60110X, CH 90 BK, EFC630X, EFC630K, CH 60 BK, EFC9556X, EFC9505.

Zanussi: ZHC615N, ZHC615W, ZHC615X, ZHC915N, ZHC915W, ZHC915X, ZHC915XM, ZHC951X, ZHC64X, ZHC9141X, ZHC950X, ZHS92551XA, ZHC900X, ZHC94ALU, ZHC60X, ZHC605X, ZHC900N, ZHC94X, ZHC905X, ZHC927X, ZHC900W, ZHC90X, ZHC600X, ZHC600N, ZHC6141X, ZHC70X, ZHC634X, NH9015X, ZHC926X, ZHC928X, ZHC905XM, ZHC950A, ZHC64ALU, ZHC950ALU, ZHC941X, ZHC605XM, ZHC 615 X, ZHC96X, ZHC922X, ZHC7141X, ZHS92350XA, ZHC9354X, ZHC9744X, ZHC910X, ZHC 915 XV, ZHC9015X, NH100EAX, ZHC945X.

Dominox: DA 621 DR XS, DA 621 D BK.

Franke: FDL 6064 XS, FDL 9064 XS.

Continental: PHK64X00AB, PHK94X00AB.

Grundig: GDI 5472 X, GDV 6510 Z.

Acec: HCW 65, HCN 95, HCW 95, HCN 65.

AEG: DK3360-M, DI9966-M, DK3390-M, DK6390-M, X56143MD0, X59155MK10, X56155MK10, DK6393-M, DI7490-M, AWH6430AM, DKB2640M, AWH9430AM, AWH9470BM, AIH9800BM, X59143MD0.

Alno: AEF3360N, AEF3370N, AEF3140N, AEF3660AL, AEF3660X, AEF3400X, AEF3490W, AEF3490N, AEF3510N, AEF3850X, AEE 100 E, AE 603 E, AE 909 A, AE 909 E, AEI 9010 E, AEI 901 E, AE 9013 E, AE 9013 A, AEF3370.

Arthur Martin: AFB4001X, AFC9030X, AFC9001N, AFB4002X.

Firenzi: FCH 660 SS.

Profilo: DVG6D650, DVG6D660, DVG6D620, DVA290, DVA260.

Siemens: LC66GCD50T, LC66GCD20T, LC66GCD60T.

Husqvarna: QFC90150X.

Ideal: IZHC900X.

John Lewis: JLBIHD601, JLBIHD902, JLBIHD603, JLBIHD904, JLHDA632, JLHDA633.

Juno: JDI5571AS, JFC90246X, JDWS905E5, JFA90531X, JDK5771E, JFC90245X, JDI5571E, JDWS605E5, JDK5571E, JDK8830A, JDK4530A, JDK5575E, JDK4230E, JDK4531E, JDK4231E, JDK4531A, JDK4230A, JDK4231A, JDK4530E, JDK5571AS, JDK5771AS.

Progress: PDG6140E, PDG9140E.


TricityBendix: CH910X, CH710X.

Zanker: ZKC9249X, ZKC6249X, KRC90X, KRC60X.

Compatible with brands such as Siemens, Arçelik, Bosch, Teka, Franke. (NOTE: If we take millimeters when measuring your filter, it will be fully compatible.)


  • Metal mesh filter with one-sided release for cooker hood
  • Item features: box contents: 1 piece / width with - without nose: 305 mm - 300 mm / height: 8 mm / depth: 250 mm / shape: rectangular / material: metal / weight: 126 g / the dimensions are given with and without nose or attachments.
  • Questions If you are not sure whether this item is the right product, our competent customer service will be happy to help you at any time and will be happy to advise you.
  • DL-pro premium quality - the professional brand for spare parts and accessories around the house
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad, and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling, or instructions.

Part Number: 50248271004

Details: International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad, and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, the language of product, labeling, or instructions.

EAN: 4065322002145

Package Dimensions: 12.5 x 10.5 x 0.5 inches

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