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Philips CP9703/01 TRIACTIVE Z Head - 432200425801 - Philips Spare Parts Accessory

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Unleashing the Power of Philips CP9703/01 TriActive Z Head: A Revolution in Cleaning Technology

Cleaning hard floors has never been easier or more efficient than with the Philips CP9703/01 TriActive Z Head. This groundbreaking product, equipped with the Z-shaped nozzle, is redefining the way we approach cleaning, bringing an unprecedented level of effectiveness to your daily chores.

Unmatched Efficiency: The Z-Shaped Nozzle

The Philips TriActive Z Head stands as a unique innovation, spearheading the way for efficient cleaning with its unique Z-shaped nozzle. This one-of-a-kind feature allows you to effortlessly clean large crumbs and fine dust in a single pass, removing the frustration of pushing dirt across the floor.

Versatile and Designed for Optimal Reach

Low areas, often ignored or hard to reach, are no longer a challenge with the Z-shaped design of the Philips TriActive Z Head. This ingenious design ensures that no area is left untouched, providing a thorough and comprehensive clean for all hard floors.

Compatibility and Versatility

Suitable for an extensive range of Philips models, the Philips TriActive Z Head is a versatile accessory for your vacuum cleaner. Whether it’s the FC8720, the FC9194, or the FC9929, you can count on the TriActive Z Head to deliver superior cleaning.

The OZBA Spare Parts Store Advantage

Offering the TriActive Z Head, the OZBA Spare Parts Store is a trusted name when it comes to authentic Philips spare parts. You can rest assured that you are getting quality products that uphold the values and reputation of the Philips brand.



Vacuum Part Type: Brushes


Type: Vacuum Cleaner Parts

Phılıps: FC8720 - FC8721 - FC8726 - FC8727FC8955 - FC9192 - FC9194 - FC9195FC9721 - FC9750 - FC9751 - FC9911FC9912 - FC9919 - FC9923 - FC9924FC9925 - FC9926 - FC9928 - FC9929FC9931 - FC9932 - FC9934 - XB9125XB9145 - XB9155 - XB9185

Origin: TR(Origin)

Model Number: 432200425801



The Power of the Model Number: 432200425801

Behind every great product is a model number, and the Philips CP9703/01 TriActive Z Head is no exception. With its model number, 432200425801, you can quickly and accurately identify and procure this game-changing accessory.

Redefining Cleaning with Philips

In conclusion, the Philips CP9703/01 TriActive Z Headsets a new standard for vacuum cleaner parts. With its unique features and compatible design, it's a crucial accessory for those who value a clean, dust-free home. Get your Philips CP9703/01 TriActive Z Head today and experience the difference.

By embracing innovation and prioritizing efficient design, Philips continues to redefine the cleaning experience with products like the TriActive Z Head. With every stride in product development, we're not just creating appliances—we're creating a cleaner, more efficient future for all.

Portuguese: Philips CP9703/01 TRIACTIVE Z Cabeça - 432200425801 - Acessório de Peças de Reposição Philips

Russian: Philips CP9703/01 TRIACTIVE Z Головка - 432200425801 - Запасная часть/аксессуар Philips

French: Philips CP9703/01 TRIACTIVE Z Tête - 432200425801 - Accessoire de Pièces de Rechange Philips

Spanish: Philips CP9703/01 TRIACTIVE Z Cabezal - 432200425801 - Accesorio de Piezas de Repuesto Philips

Indonesian: Philips CP9703/01 TRIACTIVE Z Kepala - 432200425801 - Suku Cadang Aksesori Philips

Italian: Philips CP9703/01 TRIACTIVE Z Testina - 432200425801 - Accessorio Ricambio Philips

Arabic: فيليبس CP9703/01 TRIACTIVE Z رأس - 432200425801 - قطع غيار واكسسوارات فيليبس

German: Philips CP9703/01 TRIACTIVE Z Kopf - 432200425801 - Ersatzteil-/Zubehör Philips

Dutch: Philips CP9703/01 TRIACTIVE Z Kop - 432200425801 - Philips Reserveonderdeel Accessoire

Japanese: Philips CP9703/01 TRIACTIVE Z ヘッド - 432200425801 - フィリップス互換スペアパーツ アクセサリー

Korean: Philips CP9703/01 TRIACTIVE Z 헤드 - 432200425801 - 필립스 스페어 파트 액세서리

Thai: Philips CP9703/01 TRIACTIVE Z หัว - 432200425801 - อะไหล่สำรองและอุปกรณ์เสริม Philips

Hebrew: Philips CP9703/01 TRIACTIVE Z ראש - 432200425801 - חלק חילופין/אביזר פיליפס

Turkish: Philips CP9703/01 TRIACTIVE Z Başlık - 432200425801 - Philips Yedek Parça Aksesuarı

Polish: Philips CP9703/01 TRIACTIVE Z Głowica - 432200425801 - Część zapasowa/Akcesorium Philips


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