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6Pcs/Set 20mm Eco-Friendly Long Nib Head Marker: Waterproof, Fast-Drying Metal Perforating Pen for Woodworking, Furniture Decoration, and Industrial Use - The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Marking Tool

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The Definitive Guide to 20mm Deep Hole Long Nib Head Markers: A Multi-Purpose Tool for Perforation and Decoration

Every project needs precision and accuracy, and with the right set of tools, such tasks become more manageable. Enter the 20mm deep hole long nib head markers – an essential tool perfect for woodworking, metal processing, automobile manufacturing, and many more. This guide will provide you with a detailed understanding of these markers, ensuring that you're well-equipped for your next project.

Colors and Specifications of Long Nib Head Markers

Long nib head markers are available in a variety of colors. Black, blue, red, green, and white options allow you to make precise markings on different surfaces.

Line Width

The line width of these markers ranges from 0.7-1.0mm. This range offers the versatility required in different settings, from fine-detail work to broad strokes.

The Head Tip

A distinctive feature of these markers is the 20mm head tip. The long nib facilitates precision when marking hard-to-reach deep holes in various materials.

Environmental Consideration

These markers are not just efficient, they're also eco-friendly. They are xylene-free, making them a responsible choice for the environment.

Multiple Uses of 20mm Deep Hole Long Nib Head Markers

The versatility of these markers is a standout. Let's explore the range of applications where they can come in handy.

Furniture and Home Decor

These markers excel at furniture decoration. Marking bookshelves, lamp drill hole positions, and bathroom woodwork has never been easier.

Industrial Applications

In the realm of industrial manufacturing, these markers are indispensable. They can efficiently mark processing positions in metal processing and automobile manufacturing.

General Marking

The markers also find use in general marking tasks on surfaces of wood, metal, glass, etc., highlighting their adaptability.

Origin and Durability

Long nib head markers originate from Mainland China, known for its robust manufacturing industry. The markers come with permanent ink that is both water-resistant and fast-drying, ensuring longevity and usability in different environments.

Design Aspects of Long Nib Head Markers

The markers come with a round toe brush tip, ensuring consistent line-width. It's worth noting that these markers don't support dual-side writing.


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